We are .Live!

We are .Live!

We are .LIVE!

We came here to get stuff done and chew bubblegum. And we’re all out bubblegum.

I could totally just write a pretentious business release with all fancy words but for an opening statement I’d like to just be more personal and address anyone who might care about us launching early in a bit more informal tone. First of all, I have to thank you for taking notice of our little corner of the internet showing behind the scenes of content creation. While the content we produce and work on may have tens of millions of eyes watching closely, we as a company have just a few eyes on us. So we really appreciate you taking the time to care enough to spend your time reading this.

For the first order of business, if you are not familiar with us yet; Hello, I(the person writing this and ‘CEO’ bossy person) am Mitchel and I’ve been producing music for Influencers since early 2014. I started out doing it as a passion I was chasing while I was working in the hospitality business. 5 years ago I quit the hospitality business and became a full time music producer and project manager. Slowly I’ve started doing well enough to hire friends and colleagues to help out in projects which has led to sending a lot of work to them and helping out to ensure quality.

After some while of doing this I realized I was unable to do as much work as I was before and my income was going down quite a bit as I was helping friends without taking any payment. I’ve always felt bad for asking friends for payment to help them out and finding them jobs so I ended up more formally working with a select few friends to find someone who I could trust all the time. After 2-3 years of trying dozens of people in various projects I ended up meeting Angelo(Ikanaide). Originally he was probably at the bottom of the list of people I had in mind due to his lack of ability at the time. But over the years he ended up being one of the few last ones standing on this list. Part of this is a public admission of poor judgement of a person on my part. Part of it is an indication of how long the journey we have been on. He has taken dealing with me having extremely high standards well with the best of spirits and has helped me be more productive and make things for so many more people and made us able to do things in new ways to a point where I am confident in our teamwork to finally make the leap to calling what we have going on ‘a company’.

As a second and more formal order of business to let you reading person know what is going on; I have a pair of housekeeping info dumps to keep the expectations in line.

Merch is coming soon. We are currently testing our shop internally to make sure it all goes well. It will be done when it is done. We are just a small team with a small resource pool at the time of writing this. We hope to one day have a huge merch line and have something for everyone, but for now we are just focusing on making sure the store works.

We intend this site to be an accurate archive of who worked on what project. If you’re ever curious about who worked on what, we work with a lot of contractors and if you’re looking for cool people to hire, you might find some cool ones here.

To avoid any confusion. Everyone listed as clients are not fully signed to us as an agency. Some are with us just for production work, others are fully managed by us, others we only help as consultants, others we help with brand deals. We keep things really flexible and small but the most important thing to get across is that we do not own anyone, we just work with them.

And final but most important note, I hope you are having a fantastic day.