Merch, Merch, Merch!

Merch, Merch, Merch!

Merch, Merch, Merch!

Hello 2-3 people who actually read these updates! It’s been a second! Sit down, grab some tea and lets go over everything that is going on this week.

Merch is here!... in the US. We have been working hard on getting everything worked out for this first test run of acrylic stands for Ying. Sadly, you apparently need to actually pay money to move things from one place to the next. The worst about that is that it becomes ridiculously expensive when that is from inside of the US to outside of the US.

Why did we decide so? Shipping prices are CRAZY right now. Sending a bubble wrapped envelope of the acrylic stands to someone outside of the US cost 27 dollars to just send over to one of the closest points in Europe when we were sending it to my (Mitchel's) house. Compare this to the United States of America where it only costs 3-5 dollars. Still very pricey for sending a thick letter, but it is in the realm of being manageable. Making a system that automatically keeps track of shipping prices was also a challenge and extremely finicky. Either we have to check shipping prices regularly to make sure the system updates or we could have just region locked it and included shipping price into the product price. This solution has some upsides and some downsides. Downsides: - We cannot deliver outside of the US (super sorry!) - If you live closer to our warehouse in LA you will pay about a dollar more than needed Upsides: - The price will not give you a surprise with sudden shipping cost when you finish ordering - This is easier to manage and will make us able to focus more effort on essential things

At the end of the day, keeping it simple is probably the wisest choice. We can always include shipping calculations later and if things sell really well we’ll 100% order more and possibly also stock up in Europe and possibly other regions so we can have merch for everyone. We are a ‘fancy business’ in writing, but we don’t have unlimited money or any investors to help cover the cost of ordering merchandise unless we know for sure we can sell it without too many problems. This sadly means that until we have a steady stream of sales that we will always order too little. Having merch left will mean that we all will be left with merch that we need to store in a place (which costs money) and that we have bought merch that we didn't sell (which also costs money). We’re responsible for helping people we work with to make as much money as possible. And since they are fulltime creators we cannot afford to deliver news of “hey, Ying/someone else, because you sucked at promoting it, you lost 500 dollars even though you worked really hard!”. So it’s our responsibility to make sure that our clients make money, and this will most likely be in the form of things selling out really fast and very limited availability (for now hopefully)

I deeply apologize if this inconvenienced you by not being able to order something you wanted. At the end of the day this falls on me not having experience in the field of merchandise but I hope that the people who can get their hands on merchandise will enjoy it very much!

You can find Ying's merch here!

If you need support for your order, have inquiries or want to express that we should push for merch in a specific region; please contact us over at!

Monii & I will be reading those emails and we’ll do our best to help you! I hope you have a fantastic day,