About us

HaiDL is an international content production and management agency based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2021, HaiDL provides flexible support to creators and business entities alike to help the people behind them to have healthy, fruitful and long lasting careers. In short, we just get stuff done. It’s really not that deep.

HaiDL focuses primarily on 3 areas; content production, monetization and consulting

Our services

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Our clients work hard every day to create the best content as consistently as possible. So in turn it is only fair that we spend a good amount of our days helping them get as much money as possible. We work with factories all over the world to find the best deals for supplying merch, sell the merch, get brand deals and work directly with companies to set up personalized partnerships for all our clients.

/02Content production
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In this area we range everywhere from training support staff that match our client’s personalities to ensure there’s minimal need for hassle in regards to switching through human resources all the way to manually producing to spec audio and visual content ranging from branded promotional material to background assets for common content.

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At HaiDL we have over 8 years of competitive content creation experience and use that to actively give our clients the edge over the competition while being able to retain a healthy work life balance. Due to our close involvement in the back end of content creation space we are well positioned to help creators be the best they can be without having them need to engage in unhealthy behaviour that causes them to fall off when their success formula stops working.

The team

Mitchel - The founder of HaiDL, not particularly good at writing in third person. Thankfully his job is getting things done and not writing them out. Somehow he has become an authority on most things he pours himself into and has become a mentor to many freelance composers and creators alike in the YouTube cover song space. Through this he has built up a team of freelancers and gained reputation as a someone to rely on for when projects become bigger than the person trying to execute them.

Angelo - also known as Ikanaide, resident worrywart, assisting music producer and the more technically adept person on the HaiDL team. With his experience in the trenches of the YouTube cover song community and formal engineering education he is a perfect fit to fill in where Mitchel falls short and be a great team member that ensures that projects get a good start.

Ruru - HaiDL's in-house artist, resident polyglot and small bean. Her activities range from providing artwork on a majority of projects to translating for us when we are communicating business overseas. Even in the face of impossibility she will never let her sights off absolute perfection and will do everything in her power to get as close as possible. There will be no cutting corners in this house if it can be helped by Ruru!